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Friday Night Meditation
& Shamanic Journey

July 25th • 6:00pm

Embody Prosperity Consciousness
July 26th • Noon-4:30pm


With Diane Hageman
Call her at (775) 250-7756
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Mentoring with Diane
Awakening Your Gifts

Are you interested in learning more about the ancient teachings of Shamanism and Toltecs on a more personal level? Would you like to learn how to apply this ancient and practical wisdom in your own life?

Are you looking for a mentor that can help you unfold and embrace your gifts, your purpose and power. My greatest joy is sharing all I have learned and all I know with others to enhance their lives. I have many years (sometimes more years than I care to remember), guiding and helping people on their spiritual paths. My mentoring sessions are specifically designed for each person, with tools that will make a difference in their lives. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a mentor as "a trusted counselor or guide. I personally know how valuable a mentor can be. I am so grateful to a have a mentor in my life that continually helps me to learn and grow. A place to go when I need guidance or someone to help me “see” and understand.

Paulo Coelho states, “What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” Allow me to open the door for you to discover what you already know and want to learn.

Energy and Healing Sessions with Diane
Diane has a myriad of tools and techniques based in the Shamanic and Toltec tradition to track negative patterns, dense energies in the energy field that cause distress. The tools and processes include Illumination, Extraction of Crystallized Energies, Soul Retrieval adjusting frequencies and vibrations, ceremonies, trance, journeying and chakra clearing and balancing. Each session is uniquely designed for the client to produce fast effective and long lasting results. All are the purpose of facilitating healing, wholeness, and deepening the connection to life itself.


The Om Home is a community center founded by shamanic practitioner Diane Hageman for the people of Northern Nevada to explore their spirituality and achieve wellness. Diane and the Om Home offer a variety of services, classes, workshops and group activities for people to explore their spiritual path, personal empowerment, and purpose in life. Diane is dedicated to your well-being and assisting you in accomplishing this with a variety of healing processes and energy work.

What's Happening at the Om Home

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A Message from Diane:

Hello Everyone,

On my Facebook feed I get some wonderful messages, images and reminders. One that has been coming mind lately was a message that came a while ago. It was a list of words that if changed can lead from “Limitation to Power”. I like to think of it as from the small self, to the Dreamer (higher self).

The first one on the list was “I can’t”, suggesting it needs to be changed to “I won’t”.

For a while now, I have been experimenting with this. Every time I want to say” I can’t”, I change it to” I won’t”. It has been quite amazing. It changes the energy dramatically. When I say I won’t, then I feel I am completely owning the choice and then I ask myself, “why won’t I”? From there I can explore the energy behind it, use my discernment and my power to choose.

When we say “can’t”, it dis-empowers us to make the choice ours. To me it feels as if the choice is outside of us and we feel powerless. An example of this “ I can’t afford this”. We flip it to “I won’t afford this”. Then we can ask why we won’t. This could be that it just isn’t a priority, or we prefer to pay for something else, or this could even lead to finding where resistance or avoidance is showing up and why. No matter why, we can empower ourselves to “choose” rather than feeling we don’t have the power.

I invite you to try this too. Every time you are thinking or saying “can’t” for yourself, use the word won’t and see how different it feels. It takes some practice and from my experience, it’s been quite eye opening for me.

From the heart,

We are returning to “OZ” - Come join us!

Our spring retreat was amazing and we are so pleased to announce we are returning to OZ with our Fall Retreat:

Journey to Find Your Land of Oz: A Personal Path to Empowerment and Purpose

Glinda the Good Witch said to Dorothy, “You had the power all along.”

In this retreat you will discover you have all you need to create your heart’s desire with ease and fluidity. You will be gently guided down your Yellow Brick Road to find your own unique beautiful magic.

Throughout this weekend you will have opportunities through experiential exercises, meditation, and communion with Nature and others, to explore your personal power and purpose within the context of the familiar story of the Journey to Oz. There will be time for relaxation and exploration of the beautiful Camp Richardson setting in the trees and close to the shores of Lake Tahoe.

What the Retreat Includes:
The retreat starts at 7:00pm, Thursday, October 16th and ends at 11:00am Sunday, October 19th.
Check in at the Richardson House begins at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. Check out Sunday by 12 noon.

Included in the registration fee:
Double Occupancy at the historic Richardson House. Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor with an ADA room available on the first floor.
A total of 7 meals will be provided starting with breakfast Friday morning through breakfast Sunday morning. Coffee, tea and snacks also provided throughout your stay.

Cost: $795
A $300 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation with balance due by October 1, 2014.

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This Week at the Om Home

Friday Night Meditation and Shamanic Journey

with Diane Hageman

Friday, July 25th  •  6:00pm-6:45pmCost: Donation

This week we will work with “Clarity”. Clarity is first step in manifestation and with clarity we can dispel fears that keep us from feeling free. This week’s journey is intended to help you gain vision and clarity in any area of your life.


Embody Prosperity Consciousness

with Diane Hageman

Saturday, July 26th  •  Noon-4:30pmCost: $55

This workshop will help the participants move beyond any old programming of “lack”. The energy of lack, whether it is lack of money, time, relationship or self-assurance, keep us from living fully. We will dismantle the energy of that programming and help each participant find their own pathway, to “Embody Prosperity Consciousness” in every area of lives. Please RSVP to reserve your space.

Services for Wellness and a
Balanced Mind, Body and Spirit

Shamanic Energy Sessions with Shamanic Practitioner Diane Hageman

Shamanism is one of the oldest and most enduring spiritual practice. The intention of Shamanic Energy Healing is to: re-establish balance and harmony within ourselves in relationship to the natural order of creation. The shaman studies life and its energetic foundation. The Shamanic tradition is one in which the shaman must travel into the world of energy and spirit to discover how to help their clients.

Some challenges can be helped by removing the energy causing the challenge which surrounds them. When we learn to work with energy, we can become the masters of our reality. Instead of being continually swayed by the ups and downs of life, we learn that by becoming aware of how energy flows in our world, we can begin to manage the energy within ourselves, to create the a life of peace and fulfillment.

The Illumination process is effective for a variety of problems. It works very well for overcoming patterns in our lives that we just can't seem to overcome.

Extractions of Crystallized and Fluid Energies is that sometimes events or traumas in our lives can crystallize within our luminous energy field (LEF). This can happen from abuse of any type, or physical injury. Crystallized energy is removed, discarded and The Light of The Sacred is used to heal the affected area. Energy crystallizing in the LEF can be prevented by removing the dense energy around the area of an injury shortly after one takes place. This also helps the body to heal as fast as possible.

Soul Retrieval is the process of wholeness and retrieving lost parts of ourselves that we have lost due to trauma. Many times these parts leave us as a form of protection. When we are ready and the opportunity presents itself we can retrieve these lost parts and make the journey towards being whole again. Soul retrieval is a life altering process and, therefore, is not to be entered into lightly. It is one of the most sacred things the shaman does. This process begins with the illumination process. During the illumination, the shaman journeys on behalf of the client and visits the four chambers of the soul to investigate the source of the wounding that resulted in soul loss. If it is appropriate and the time is right, the shaman will bring back the lost soul part and perhaps a medicine gift and power animal. This process is also utilized to renegotiate sacred contracts.

Shamanic Clearing Sessions: A session to help you relax, balance and experience an overall feeling of well being. Each chakra is cleared of all intrusive energies. Then each chakra is empowered and returned to God's perfection by using the intention, which brings the highest frequency possible into the chakra.

Call Diane today at (775) 250-7756 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments available.

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