Welcome to the Om Home, the Place of the Peaceful Soul

I founded the Om Home spiritual center in 2007 as a place where like-minded people could come together to help one another on their own individual spiritual path and enhance their awareness in a safe and loving environment.

My own journey has included a lifelong study of spirituality and mysticism, which led me to the Shamanic and Toltec traditions — my true passion and joy. These ancient wisdom traditions honor the Creator, the Earth and all living beings, and enhance life on every level.

I recognize that each individual’s journey through this lifetime is sacred. I am truly honored to be of service to those who want to live their life fully with wellness in mind, body and spirit, and guide them to their true soul and spirit identity.

I serve all who come to the Om Home as a soul-purpose mentor, a coach for the spirit and soul, a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and numerologist.

I look forward to helping you find peace, joy, and above all, your life’s true purpose.

from the heart♥
Diane Hageman
Mentor and Coach for the Spirit and Soul

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