I am very happy to say that The Om Home has been growing, evolving and changing. With all the changes, the need for a new website became apparent and it’s finally up and running. We will be adding more features in the not-too-distant future so be sure to watch your inbox for news of the updates.

As I have been working and navigating through these changes, I was reminded of something that never ceases to amaze me; that no matter what we are doing in our lives, the universe always offers guidance, helping us to grow, learn and realize more fully our purpose and potential.

I was outside my comfort zone with both the creative and technical aspects of the new website. I pushed through the resistance and refused the negative internal dialogue of the small self or ego. This brought a wonderful feeling of empowerment and transformed the old story “I’m not good at this” into “I can learn and do anything I put my intention and attention to”

Maybe you too, when moving beyond a comfort zone, have heard your own internal dialogue tell you things like:

“I can’t do this”
“I don’t have enough time”
“OMG remember when you tried last time and it didn’t work out very well”
“I can’t afford that”
“You don’t know what you doing”

So if you have, here’s a few things that I learned and want to share with you to help you navigate the uncomfortably of being outside your comfort zone.

• As you begin to move forward, the ego always tells you it will be worse than it actually is. Your ego loves the drama; it may actually be addicted to drama. Remember, by allowing the ego to keep you in its drama, the thought forms and fear may draw to you (due to the Universal Law of Attraction) a much more unpleasant experience. You can avoid this by stopping the negative self-talk. Interrupt the internal dialogue as soon as you notice it. Use an affirmation, aphorism, or quote to change the thoughts. It can be as simple as “I know I can do this” or the one I usually use “I know I will find my way through this. I may not know how right now how that looks and I know I have always found a way”. Listening to music that inspires and uplifts can also help.

• Silence the ego so you can receive the Universe’s guidance that is co-operating with you. When you are not plugged into the incessant chatter of ego, you can receive the Universe’s guidance. This may come as synchronicity and finding exactly what you need at the time you need it. This guidance is always available to you and too often is missed because of the internal dialogue.

• Give yourself a deadline. “Just do it” is more than an advertising slogan. Begin, start, don’t give up and stay in the moment. Make a list of things you want/need to do for your project. Prioritize the list and include how much time each one will take, then give yourself a reasonable deadline. This is where an accountability partner or coach can help a great deal. By giving yourself a deadline (remember I said reasonable) it sets an intention and is the energy you are sending out to the Universe. The Universe will co-create with you to make this happen. If you miss the deadline, set another one with no guilt or negative self-talk. If you can’t just seem to get the task done after a few deadlines are missed, then it is time to reach out for help to move past the obstacle.

• Speaking of asking for help-that is next thing to remember. There is always help available. Reaching out and asking for help, whether it is technical or personal, will create the clarity you need to move forward.

• Don’t worry if it is doesn’t feel comfortable-it’s not supposed to. It is the experience of moving through resistance and doing it that brings new levels of empowerment and awareness. This is way you evolve. You move through the resistance, learn what we need to learn, finding more self-confidence to continue moving and growing. Every time you choose to move beyond your comfort zone the more personal power you acquire. Slowly that empowerment unfolds and the task at hand doesn’t feel so daunting.

• Lastly, there will always be another comfort zone to go beyond. That is the way the Universe works. About the time you get comfortable, something will challenge you again. It is through the accepting of these challenges, that you will grow beyond the limitations of the ego and realize your full potential as who you truly are– “A Magical Being of the Universe”.

Remember, every time you choose to go beyond the known, (your comfort zone) and into the unknown (the new challenge) the Universe will be there conspiring on your behalf!

From the heart♥