The Ancient Art and Science of
Toltec Numerology
A Tool for Self Discovery

Let’s face numbers don’t lie…

You have known this your whole life.

But do you know numerology can obliterate overwhelm, stress, and self-sabotage patterns that don’t serve you and get you on the path to mastering your potential?

Good News–It can!!!

Your soul has an intention for you this lifetime and the code is held within your numbers! 

When you understand your numbers it’s like having an owner’s manual for your life.

Diane Hageman is an expert in Toltec numerology and can help you decode and understand all the vibrations of your numbers to live with grace and ease.  

Numerology is a very powerful tool for you to use on your path to understanding yourself and gaining self-awareness. With the study and use of Toltec numerology, you will learn about your purpose, your soul and yourself.

Toltec Numerology will help you:
• Learn what your Higher Self came here to learn this lifetime.
• Discover “how” you can learn and what you need to navigate this lifetime easily.
• Uncover hidden strengths and wisdom from past lives that you can access now.
• Overcome challenges and weaknesses.

Numerology is the study of universal vibrations, according to the Toltec perspective. This includes the different frequencies of these vibrations as expressed both by the numbers as well as the letters of the alphabet. By having an awareness of these vibrations, the information will provide a practical way to overcome the challenges that life presents you.

Toltec Numerology Insight Special

In this 90-minute session with Diane you will discover your main three numbers:  

• Your Soul Urge Number— This is the real and what your Soul wants you to learn and accomplish this lifetime.
• Your Personality Number – This will make it so much easier for you to remove your limitations
• Your Destiny Number – The script your higher self has written for this lifetime (How cool would it be to know that?

You will then receive an overview of all of numbers that include:

o Your innate wisdom that you have from other lifetimes
o The vibration of the current cycle of your life
o Your personal power that can be used in times of stress and crisis
o And many other details

Diane will explain both the scientific and the artistic approach, along with practical ways to use this information to make life easier.


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A Complete Numeroscope

Your complete numeroscope includes an in-depth 25 page report covering in detail 15 different aspects. This includes   both the scientific and artistic approach.

In addition to the report you will have two 60 minutes sessions .  In the first session we will go over the report for deeper understanding of your numbers.  The second session is intended to help gain more understand and use your numeroscope in practical ways to help you meet any current challenges how to use this information in your everyday life to flow with ease and grace.

Complete Numeroscope HERE

(Due to the in-depthand personal nature of a complete numeroscope, approximately 10 days following your submission of your information you will receive your complete numeroscope via email along with a link to schedule your sessions.)


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