Shamanic Energy Services

Shamanic Energy Services for Balance and Harmony

Shamanism is one of the oldest and most enduring spiritual practices. Shamanic Energy Healing is used to restore balance and harmony within ourselves by removing energy that is at the root of the issue and restoring true well-being. At the Om Home, coming home to one’s true self is achieved through several process and techniques:

Illumination and Energy Session

One of the most powerful tools a Shaman uses is the Illumination process, which is effective for a variety of problems that limit well-being. By using one of the Shaman’s stones and a breathing process you will learn, the dense energies surrounding the issue are removed.  When the Illumination is complete, I will help you process the transformation that has taken place and I will help create new positive energy pathway to move forward easily.

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Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a sacred process and is not to be entered into lightly. It is one of the most sacred things the Shaman does. Soul Retrieval is the process of retrieving lost parts of yourself that may have been lost due to trauma.

Soul Retrieval begins with the Illumination process. During the Illumination, I will journey on your behalf to find the lost part of you. I will bring it back and will help you re-integrate it and guide you through the healing process.

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House and Property Clearing

Refresh, bless and clear your space! Clear out negative, dense or stale energy in your home or on your property through a sacred ceremony for your personal space. Through smudging, prayer and ancient Toltec techniques, each corner of your home is cleared and blessed with your own loving intentions for you and all who enter.

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